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We have a huge range of mirrors to suit every taste and interior style. Well placed mirrors provide both an obvious useful function and add definitive decorative style and can add a sense of light and space to narrow hallways and the darkest corners of the home. We have every style of mirror from the classically ornate to the more contemporary, rustic to fancy. The range includes wall mirrors, adjustable angle cheval mirrors, adjustable dressing table mirrors and wall mirrors which include shelves and neat storage for small items. We stock mirrors in an array of materials and finishes to suit any decorative interior style: we have ornate framed wall mirrors in various finishes and moulded from both wood and resin; we have elegant modern mirrors with simple yet stylish frames and we have mirrors framed in ornate metal work in addition to stunning mirrored framed wall mirrors which cast light at angles across the room delightfully.

Our wall mirrors feature hanging fixings and can easily be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation. Wall fixings are not supplied.