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How are they Made?

Preparation of materials:

There are two stages in the preparation of the paste: mixing and atomization.       Sophisticated hi-tech mixing plant  ensures perfect molecular homogeneity and excellent results in terms of quality and resilience.

Careful selection:

All raw materials – powdered quartz,    feldspar, kaolin, sand, good quality clays and other natural substances are all subjected to a rigorous selection process in the laboratories.


High-pressure moulding ensures proper compactness of materials, while special presses give Duratecstone the exact shape and dimensions required, each stones patina is individual. Brand new production facilities ensure excellent performance in terms of precision  dimensions, flatness and absorption.


Firing at a temperature of 1250°C  ensures a tough, resilient Duratecstone which is resistant to attack from     atmospheric agents, frost, deformation and breakage. The end result is a   product with an even chromatic finish and precisely identical dimensions.

Post-firing quality control:

All Noblestones are subjected to     rigorous electronic and mechanical testing before automatic palletization and packaging.

(please note the above specifications only apply to , Duratecstone. Please ask us if you require other specifications)