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Every product undergoes rigorous tests to verify its resistance to frost, flexion, abrasion and the main acids, as well as its breaking strain. The results of these tests are certified by specialized laboratories to assure the maximum reliability. The experience and perfect knowledge of its product in over twenty years merge with the most sophisticated technologies, provided by large investments which have accentuated the company’s dynamism and commitment to renewal. As well as an increase in output in stoneware sectors, future objectives include an expansion of the internal testing and R&D laboratory.

            Standards Test Rating for DuratecStone Maison

              (Please note each product range we supply have different test ratings, please ask us if you require more information)


Resistance to staining (EN122)

The strongest dyes such as cochineal were left on the surface for 12 hours and washes off with tap water.

Durability (ISO 10545/3)

Water absorption is less than 0.5% this eliminates the requirement for sealing.

Resistance to Abrasion (ISO 10545/6)

Resistant to surface scratching and heavy abrasive scoring.

Wear Resistance (ISO 10545/7)

Resistance to high volume of foot traffic ideal for commercial use such as entrance lobby’s etc...

Resistance to chemical to chemicals (ISO 10545/13)

Resistant from bleaches and chemicals

Frost Resistance (ISO 10545/12)

Resists frost

Slip values (R10—DIN-51130)

Can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms etc...